Peacock Wedding Inspiration

The magnificent peacock has its origins in India. Indian mythology sees them as being significant due to being associated with ancient Hindu myths. The God of War, Lord Kartikeya sat upon a throne of peacocks. They have always been very significant in other cultures also. The ancient Greeks knew them as the birds who pulled the Goddess Hera’s chariot and they also represented immortality. Ancient Persia treasured the peacock so much it became associated with royalty and was used as a symbol of the Kings of both Persia and Babylonia. The eyes in the tail feathers are seen as protectors and guardians, and these glorious birds were also integral in many early Christian icons where they also represented resurrection and rebirth. So, peacocks not only offer great color inspiration for a wedding, but what wonderful symbolism of renewal, guardianship and everlasting love.

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Lustrous colors of blues, aquas, greens and teals have inspired many a bridal color scheme. Here’s a peacock color palette (made by yours truly, feel free to save it if you like, simply by right clicking with your mouse). I not only incorporated the traditional blues, teals and greens but also wanted to go for an overall peacock color scheme by adding in the grey and cream from the beak and claws, and the spine of the feathers. These paler hues make great contrasting colors for your peacock theme:

Peacock Palette

But why stop at just using color for inspiration? What about incorporating peacock feathers into table settings, bridal bouquets and wedding favors? There are also some gorgeous peacock hair accessories to complete the bride’s look such as this pretty peacock feather hair clip. Why not use feathers to decorate the ends of the pews in the church? They’ll also look fabulous incorporated into the bridal bouquet, too. Some more ideas:

  • flower petals in peacock colors to scatter over the tables at the reception or on the ground for an outdoor wedding
  • hanging lanterns (would work for both interiors and exteriors) in peacock colors
  • Peacock Feather Garter for the bride
  • Bridal makeup – why not incorporate those gorgeous colors into your eyeshadow?
  • Peacock Champagne Flutes for the wedding toast
  • Peacock nail stickers, or pretty aqua nail polish
  • Peacock Knife and Server Set to cut the wedding cake with
  • rhinestones and diamentes in hues of blue and aqua scattered over tabletops
  • teal curtain material (or any other type of fabrics that would drape well) to hang over the backs of chairs at the reception or for temporary wall hangings for the walls of the reception venue
  • Peacock-inspired bridal sandals
  • And that’s just for starters! There are many, many more possibilities to incorporate peacocks into your dream day. Check out our extensive range of peacock wedding invitations and favors below for even more ideas. I think the ultimate would be to actually have a couple of these gorgeous creatures at the venue itself like this lucky couple did (scroll down a bit to see the peacock pics). However, it’s not practical or possible for everyone to be able to do this, but who knows? You may just luck out and hire a venue that already has them in their garden. That would be the ultimate!

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