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Introducing some of Zazzle’s most creative stationery designers. . .

For the next few weeks, we will be showcasing a different artist from Zazzle each week who creates beautiful wedding stationery. How do they do it, and where does all that creativity come from? They’re going to let us in on their secrets and knowledge of what it takes to be a successful and talented artist in the print on demand world today, and of course show us some of their work too. So without further ado, let’s get into it!

This week we’re talking to Malissa from Melrose Originals. This very talented lady also creates very colorful and whimsical art for a large range of gifts and products – not just wedding stationery, or as she puts it in the introduction to one of her Zazzle stores, “From wall art to phone cases to pillows and totes and everything in between”. You can check out her full range of gifts right here.


1. How long have you been creating wedding stationery at Zazzle?

I actually just started creating wedding stationery on Zazzle last spring as kind of a challenge to myself in response to their wedding design contest. Back in 1999, my Mom and I designed my wedding stationery and had them printed on nice linen paper. It was a simple one sided invitation with pretty text, so it was kind of minimalist and before it’s time since folded elaborate invitations were in style at the time. For us, it was design on a very tight budget! When I designed my stationery for Zazzle, I went with my current style of saturated colors and mixed some solids with simple minimal lines and text designs (as a nod to my own wedding invitations) to mix and match with the more colorful floral designs. I even pulled out the old scrapbook and copied the the way we arranged the invitation text! I hope to expand my lines and continue to come up with new designs to add to my invitation collections.



2. Are you a hand-drawn artist, or are you 100% digital?

I am a hand drawn artist. For me there’s nothing like the feel of the brushes and the paint doing its thing on the paper or canvas.


3. What inspired you to get into the whole Print on Demand industry?

I had been painting for years just for myself in my art journals and on canvas, and my husband was already on Zazzle putting his photography on postcards and things. He kept encouraging me to scan in my art and join Zazzle, and I put him off for about 3 years before finally doing it in October of 2017. For me it has been really fun to see a piece of art turn into something else- like a wedding invitation!


4. What are the inspirations for your art?

I’ve always been inspired by the works of great artist such as Van Gogh with his beautiful colors and unique style and Picasso’s cool cubism style. Living in a rural country area, I am also inspired by the beautiful colors of nature (I am convinced blue is a neutral because the sky is blue!) as well as the cool styling of urban graffiti and the arts district when we go into the city. I draw inspiration from all around me and love to paint in a non realistic, non refined way.


5. Do you have any favourite trends at the moment when it comes to wedding stationery?

Yes! I love that there is a trend toward bolder, bigger color palettes using 5 or 6 colors as opposed to picking 1 main color with 2 accent colors, for example. I also love the trend toward more mix and match with the designs.


6. Do you have any favourite types of stationery that you prefer to create? (For instance invitations, stickers, RSVP postcards etc.)

I definitely like to design the actual invitations best of all! It’s where I seem to find the most room for creativity and adding a little extra.


7. What are your tools of the trade, and do you have any favourite software?

Currently my favorite tools of the trade are watercolors to paint with and India ink with a dip pen for outlining and accents, though I really love to use acrylics and get my fingers into the paints! Do fingers count as tools?!


8. Do you do custom work as well, and if so how can people reach you?

I am happy to take custom requests. You can contact me via my contact form on


9. Finally, please show us your favourite creations – we’d love to see them!

This abstract watercolor design is one of my favorites and I was happily surprised when it was picked as one of the top 50 Editors’ Picks for the Zazzle wedding design contest for 2019. It is really simple and fun, and comes in 3 different mix and match color schemes:



I also really love this design using my vibrant hand painted flowers.
The design comes with several stripes and solids in shades of aqua and coral that all coordinate so you can mix and match your fun summer or spring wedding!


This third design combines what I love about both of the other invitations with a colorful abstract background and my vibrant hand painted floral design combined into one beautiful bridal shower invitation.

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  • Malissa

    Thank you for taking the time to interview me for your beautiful website and showcase my wedding stationery! It has been a pleasure to work with you!

    • TheAuthor Post author

      You’re very welcome Malissa! I enjoyed working with you too, Thanks again for sharing your beautiful designs with us. 🙂