Artist Interview: Sue from Wedding Decor

Introducing some of Zazzle’s most creative stationery designers. . .

This week we’re chatting to Sue Chisholm from Wedding Decor at Zazzle. Sue is another one of Zazzle’s very creative wedding stationery desginers, and uses her background in floral photography to help her create her stunning floral artwork. Sue also has extensive experience as a wedding bouquet designer in real life, so that also inspires her creativity when designing her beautiful stationery and wedding favors for her Zazzle store.

Below, Sue shares with us some of her ideas behind her creativity, her thoughts on how to put together a whole wedding suite of favors and gifts for the wedding reception, and what inspires her to create her beautiful work.


1. How long have you been creating wedding stationery at Zazzle?

I started on Zazzle in 2016 and have several stores, and opened my official wedding decor shop in 2018. Years ago I helped design wedding bouquets, and thoroughly enjoyed the difference in a bride’s wishes for a floral bouquet.



2. Are you a hand-drawn artist, or are you 100% digital?

As a photographer and artist I use photographs, watercolour, digital, paintings, and drawings.

3. What inspired you to get into the whole Print on Demand industry?

Print on demand is an amazing opportunity for an artist to showcase, and with being a photographer I had so many beautiful flower photos archived that would look amazing on paper greeting cards, so initially that is where I started with print on demand.



4. What are the inspirations for your art, and do you have any favourite trends at the moment when it comes to wedding stationery?

Favourite trends are flowers, but I first start with colour and grow the collection as if planning an event, from the invitation right through to guest favors and table decor such as the paper placemat, and top it off with a pretty thank you note.

5. Do you have any favourite types of stationery that you prefer to create? (For instance invitations, stickers, etc.)

One of my favourite stationery pieces to design would have to be the envelope, first impressions are important, a fancy envelope makes you want to open an invitation or greeting card right away. My all time favourite wedding item to design are the favors, envision them sitting on the table at the reception, it is two items in one, not only is it a wedding guest token gift but it also decorates the table tying the whole theme together, especially along with the paper placemat.



6. What software do you prefer to work with?

Favourite software would have to be Quark Xpress as I am very comfortable with the program, colour choice options, input, and large file size output, and if it counts my camera.

7. Please show us your favourite creations – we’d love to see them!

My favourite Wedding Collection Creations:












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