Artist Interviews: Meet Theresa, from TSuttles Designs

Introducing Zazzle’s talented wedding stationery designers. . .

This week we’re going to meet Theresa, from TSuttles Designs. Theresa runs several shops over at Zazzle which sell a wide range of popular gifts with her gorgeous artwork on. Her beautiful wedding store, Rosewood and Lace features some of Zazzle’s most stunning personalized wedding invitations, favors and gifts. Not only all things bridal from engagement invites to save the dates, but also lovely birthday invitations too. Theresa has a fabulous selection of personalized stationery for just about every occasion. I love Theresa’s use of on-trend floral imagery in her wedding stationery, and she also has a fabulous variety of styles from modern and contemporary to more traditional vintage wedding art. I’m delighted to share her work with you this week and discover what motivates her and of course explore her beautiful art. So let’s get into it!


1. How long have you been creating wedding stationery at Zazzle?

I started creating wedding stationery on Zazzle in the summer of 2016 when I was approached by a bride to do reception invitations using a design I had on another product in my shop. Before this, I had designed for graduation parties and some birthdays but had never considered wedding stationery. It looked too complicated and I wasn’t sure I had what it took to do it well. But she loved my designs and ended up making a large purchase. After that, I was hooked!

2. Are you a hand-drawn artist, or are you 100% digital?

I have always loved to doodle and draw, but for my wedding suites, I am 100% digital. The quality of my art just doesn’t match up to the vision I have for my wedding designs. I am always working to grow and develop my talents, though, so maybe one day. Right now I’m beginning to learn calligraphy so I can do my own lettering.


3. What inspired you to get into the whole Print on Demand industry?

I first learned about Zazzle back in 2012 when someone I knew started selling their designs on the site. They were starting to see some sales from their shops and encouraged me to give it a try. I was intrigued because I knew it would give me an opportunity to work from home. I have five grown children, but at the time I was homeschooling the four youngest. And my youngest daughter had recently been diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease and needed a lot of extra care. So if I was going to work, it had to be from home.

4. What are the inspirations for your art, and do you have any favourite trends at the moment when it comes to wedding stationery?

I love nature and colorful things, so you’ll see a lot of floral and greenery in my designs. My daughter and her fiance’ are getting married in June and we have been working on her suite. Her style is a little different from mine, but I’m learning from her and gaining new inspiration as we go.


5. Do you have any favourite types of stationery that you prefer to create? (For instance invitations, stickers, etc.)

I love invitations! If you look around my shops you’ll see invitations for birthday parties, graduation parties, weddings, baby showers, and so much more…You can always find something to celebrate.

6. What software do you prefer to work with?

I use Photoshop for my graphics and Lightroom for photography. And the Zazzle design tool is amazing and powerful by itself. I want to learn Illustrator as well, but that’s for another day.


7. Please show us your favourite creations – we’d love to see them!

Oh wow! I have so many favorites it’s hard to choose. But here are a few from my newest shop, Rosewood and Lace, which I just opened to specialize in weddings.


8. Finally, do you have a website or Zazzle shop address where people can see more of your art?

My main account with all of my shops is here: TSuttles Designs on Zazzle

And here are my shops that have my wedding invitations:

The Party Shop

Rosewood and Lace

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