Introducing Zazzle’s talented wedding stationery designers. . . This week we’re going to meet Theresa, from TSuttles Designs. Theresa runs several shops over at Zazzle which sell a wide range of popular gifts with her gorgeous artwork on. Her beautiful wedding store, Rosewood and Lace features some of Zazzle’s most […]

Artist Interviews: Meet Theresa, from TSuttles Designs

Introducing some of Zazzle’s most creative stationery designers. . . This week we’re chatting to Sue Chisholm from Wedding Decor at Zazzle. Sue is another one of Zazzle’s very creative wedding stationery desginers, and uses her background in floral photography to help her create her stunning floral artwork. Sue also […]

Artist Interview: Sue from Wedding Decor

Introducing some of Zazzle’s most creative stationery designers. . . For the next few weeks, we will be showcasing a different artist from Zazzle each week who creates beautiful wedding stationery. How do they do it, and where does all that creativity come from? They’re going to let us in […]

Artist Interview: Malissa from Melrose Originals

String Lights for Weddings String lights, fairy lights, festoon lights, call them what you will but everyone is instantly transported into a magical world when these decorative lights are used. They make great lighting decorations for outdoor weddings, really coming into their own as the sun sets and the evening […]

String Lights at the Wedding Reception

Mason Jars . . . How versatile are mason jars at a wedding? You can use them as vases filled with the flowers of your choice (great for decorating the tables at a country wedding); use them for table decorations by filling them with colored stones, cute little faux jewels […]

Mason Jars – the Perfect Wedding Accessory!

Destination Weddings . . . Destination weddings sound wonderful, don’t they? Somewhere warm and tropical with plenty of sun and sand. When you close your eyes you can almost see it: the water gently lapping the beach as if in slow-motion, the feel of the sun’s warming rays on the […]

Destination Weddings

The Garden Wedding . . . According to The Knot one of the most popular wedding themes around right now is the Garden Wedding and it’s not hard to see why. There’s no more romantic setting for your wedding than a lush, green garden. Once you’ve got your decorations set […]

Romantic Garden Weddings

Bridesmaid Invitation Ideas (or the Bridemaid’s Proposal) You know you’ve got the greatest BFF’s in the land, and of course you want them to share your big day with you in a very special way, so how to ask them to be your bridesmaids? If you just want to come […]

Will You be My Bridesmaid?

Chalkboard Weddings If you’re looking for something unique and different for your wedding day, chalkboard-style invitations and signage for either the church or reception venue are ideal. They can be as formal, or informal as you like as this style is extremely versatile. If thinking of signage, the boards could […]

Chalkboard Wedding Ideas

Mother of the Bride Gifts She’s been there with you through every stage of your life from the very beginning. And, now as you’re about to embark on your biggest life change of all, she’ll be working overtime to help you get through it! So it’s always a lovely gesture […]

Gifts for the Mother of the Bride