Destination Weddings

Destination Weddings . . .

Destination weddings sound wonderful, don’t they? Somewhere warm and tropical with plenty of sun and sand. When you close your eyes you can almost see it: the water gently lapping the beach as if in slow-motion, the feel of the sun’s warming rays on the back of your neck chasing those winter blues away. Or maybe you’re a keen skier, and picture yourself and your brand new spouse sharing a mulled wine in a cosy tavern in the Swiss Alps somewhere? Ah, it all sounds amazing doesn’t it? Well, the first stumbling block is of course, affordability. The good news is though, according to the couple is NOT responsible for paying for guests’ airfares or accommodation. Of course there will always be a few extra costs involved (and of course practical considerations as well) but if all of this still sounds good then keep daydreaming on!

The first question is of course, where to go? If money is no object (or if you’ve been saving really, really hard for this for quite some time) then of course you’ll have more choice, so the real answer is just about anywhere you like! Hawaii, Fiji, the Caribbean, Bali, the Greek Islands all sound great for warm-weather destinations. Australian brides are lucky to have tropical North Queensland on their doorstep, so no passports required! American brides have a big advantage in not needing their passports to travel to Hawaii – and many of their family and friends will be in the same boat.

There are many important things to consider if you’re planning a destination wedding. For instance, don’t forget the language barrier. A romantic celebration in Tuscany sounds absolutely dreamy, but make sure that either (1) someone at your destination speaks English, or (2) someone in your wedding party – who is willing to help out – can speak the local lingo. Try to avoid staying outdoors 100% of the time in a tropical locale. Think of how your guests (not to mention the wedding cake!) will cope in an exotic, possibly humid climate. The actual ceremony is fine to hold outside because you’re only going to be out there for a specific time but unless you are absolutely sure the weather will be kind, it’s best to have the reception in air-conditioned comfort.

If you have elderly family members attending – or at the opposite end of the scale – very young guests, consider how they’d cope with uneven terrain, steep paths, lots of steps etc. Anyway, just a few things to consider; there will of course, be a lot more! In the meantime, here are some great invitations and other stationery all with destination themes to help motivate you and kick-start your planning . . .

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