Mason Jars – the Perfect Wedding Accessory!

Mason Jars . . .

How versatile are mason jars at a wedding? You can use them as vases filled with the flowers of your choice (great for decorating the tables at a country wedding); use them for table decorations by filling them with colored stones, cute little faux jewels such as pearls or glass balls…. decorate them with gold metallic paint for a more upmarket look; keep lollies, candy or chocolates in for your guests at the sweet table….the possibilities are pretty much only limited by your imagination. You can even drink from them, making them a great choice to serve your wedding guests cocktails and other delicious drinks in. They could even be the perfect wedding accessory.

Mason jars with small bunches of flowers in make colorful and attractive decorations for the tables at your reception.

They also make great decor items for the venue itself, especially at an outdoor or garden wedding. Some ideas include: hanging them from temporary poles in the ground at the end of an aisle (see below); hanging them from tree branches; using them as feature lighting (below) and more. If you’re thinking of having a country themed wedding, mason jars are ideal both in outdoor and indoor settings, such as in barns, woolsheds, farmhouses, vineyards or other rustic venues.

A mason jar used to decorate the end of the aisle at an outdoor wedding.

Mason jars also look great when decorated themselves. They make great budget buys for the DIY bride. You can pick them up quite cheaply from bargain stores and while you’re there grab some confetti, glitter, feathers, stickers or if decoupage is more your thing, even wrapping paper for some cheap and cheerful decorations. You could tie ribbons, lace or twine around them; paint them (as suggested above), only make sure you use the right kind of paint for glass such as enamel or acrylic paints. Check out Youtube for some great glass painting tutorials. As you can see once again, you’re really only limited by your imagination.

Light up your wedding venue with mason jars around light globes – it’s not only a practical idea but looks amazing too!

Finally, how about personalizing those mason jars? They make great wedding favor gifts for the bridal party, or with the bride and groom’s name and wedding date on great wedding keepsakes for your friends and family to take home. Especially if they’re filled with something yummy. 🙂

Zazzle has some great personalized mason jars available which you can customize with your own details such as the bride and groom’s names, wedding date etc. and more. You can even create one yourself from scratch if you don’t like any of the templates they offer. You could upload your own images and place those on a blank mason jar and add text too if you’d like. Here are some below to get you thinking. Oh, and one more thing. If you decide to use mason jars at your wedding, I’d love to see what you do with them! You’re very welcome to get in touch and we can arrange to publish them on the website too if you wish (with your permission of course). Especially if you decorate them yourself.

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