String Lights at the Wedding Reception

String Lights for Weddings

String lights, fairy lights, festoon lights, call them what you will but everyone is instantly transported into a magical world when these decorative lights are used. They make great lighting decorations for outdoor weddings, really coming into their own as the sun sets and the evening kicks in. You can string them up from tree trunks and branches, hang them from rafters, wrap them around fences (see below), and if you’re getting married in your own backyard (why not?!) you could even hang them up in your garage. Wherever you decide to tie the knot, these magical lights will add a touch of romance and fantasy and your guests will love them.

Don’t just think of hanging string lights from above, they also look great wrapped around fences and fenceposts, light poles or flagpoles, gazebos, garages, mailboxes, balconies – as long as you do it safely, you can really get as creative as you like with these.

If you’re thinking of decorating your wedding venue with string lights, I’d love to see! I could also feature them on the website (with your permission of course). You can contact me here and we’ll arrange it. 🙂 And, if you’d like to introduce the whole string light/fairy light theme into your wedding stationery and wedding favors as well, here are some great ideas from Zazzle to give you even more inspiration…

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